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Doc Hinkle's History

Experience the fun of making colorful eggs using miniature bottles full of vibrant dyes and extra long cotton tips.
  • 3,000 B.C.-1 A.D.
  • Egyptians, Persians, Romans, and Chinese revered eggs as symbols of rebirth, fertility, and or the universe; and celebrated by dyeing eggs, mostly in the spring.

  • 375 A.D.-1200 A.D.
  • Decorating and coloring eggs become an Easter tradition

  • 1500's A.D.
  • Easter Bunny starts delivering eggs in Germany

  • 1700's A.D.
  • German settlers, known commonly as Pennsylvania Dutch (Dutch really means German or "Deutch"), brought the tradition of egg dyeing to America. Easter Bunny followed.

  • 1893
  • Samuel Hinkle developed Doc Hinkle's egg dye in his pharmacy in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, an area known for its Pennsylvania Dutch heritage (and we believe home of the Easter Bunny).

  • 2002
  • John Wright, a small family-owned company in Wrightsville, PA., continues Doc Hinkle's heritage by continuing to manufacture the dye in Lancaster County.

  • 2009
  • John Wright launches Bunny Drops for Easter 2009.

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