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Doc Hinkle's Original Paint-On Easter Egg Dye Coloring Kit

Experience the fun of making colorful eggs using miniature bottles full of vibrant dyes and extra long cotton tips.

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Doc Hinkle Easter Egg Dye (PAINT-ON™)

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  • AN EASTER TRADITION - over 100 years

  • AUTHENTIC - made in PA Dutch Country, originators of egg-dyeing in the U.S.

  • FAST - dries quickly

  • FUN - cute bottles and cotton-tipped applicators create enjoyment for all ages

  • COMPLETE - nothing else to buy

Introducing for 2017, our new
Vintage Doc Hinkle Egg Twirler Kit

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A faithful reproduction of our 1940s design. The Egg Twirler is vintage cast iron and allows you to twirl the egg while you paint lines and designs. Simply turn the hand crank to spin the egg. The Egg Twirler also helps to hold the bottles securely for less mess. Kit includes: cast iron Egg Twirler, 4 colors of dye, and 4 cotton tipped applicators. Reusable year after year. Our standard Doc Hinkle’s Dye Kit serves as a refill for the Egg Twirler. Made in the USA.

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