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Experience the fun of making colorful eggs using miniature bottles full of vibrant dyes and extra long cotton tips.

“Egg”citing Ideas for Easter!
When you think of Easter, eggs certainly won’t be far from your mind. Today we’ve selected a collection of great egg ideas from recipes, to decor, to crafts ....Read More

Tips on Egg Decorating from the Fig Team
Last year, the Fig Industries’ designers started a springtime tradition of painting eggs with Doc Hinkle’s Easter Egg Coloring Kit.

It started when Doc Hinkle’s, an iconic heritage brand ....Read More

120-year-old egg dye continues tradition in Lancaster County

Fig Lancaster Spring 2015, The Fresh, Fashionable, & Flavorful of the city of Lancaster, PA

An Egg-Cellent Easter Egg Dying Party!
Decorating Easter eggs becomes a special family tradition

One tradition that always brought my brothers and me to the table when we were young was the Easter egg-decorating parties my parents would....Read More

Egg-coloring tradition rooted in York County
Doc Hinkle's egg dye was created by a Lancaster pharmacist and is now produced by the John Wright Co.

Getting ready to color Easter eggs might mean a trip to the supermarket for Doc Hinkle's egg dye. Many of us remember those four tiny....Read More

Historical Columbia pharmacy is to dye for
An Easter product used every year in homes across American got its start at Hinkle's Pharmacy, which is the heart of this town along the Susquehanna River in Lancaster County.

For the last few weeks, one particular product has stood out among the thousands of others in one particular gift shop in one....Read More

Get your creativity flowing with these Easter Egg events, ideas and tips
Did you know Lancaster County has its very own manufacturer of egg dyeing kits? Since 1893, the John Wright Company of Wrightsville has made its Doc Hinkle’s Original Paint-On
Easter Egg Dye Coloring Kit kits.....Read More


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