Experience the fun of making colorful eggs using miniature bottles full of vibrant dyes and extra long cotton tips.

Doc Hinkle

AN EASTER TRADITION over 100 years

AUTHENTIC made in PA Dutch Country

FAST dries quickly

COMPLETE nothing else to buy

The Pennsylvania Dutch brought the tradition of coloring Easter eggs to the United States. Doc Hinkle continues that age-old fun. Created in 1893 by “Doc Hinkle” in a Lancaster County pharmacy, Doc Hinkle egg dye is still manufactured in PA Dutch Country.

Unlike ordinary dye that have to be diluted, Paint-On™ is used directly from the bottle and results in beautiful, bright colors and patterns instead of dull single-colored eggs. Paint-On™ dries quickly and is so easy to use, even a young child can make exciting eggs with lines., squiggles, and dots.